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TdK Law is a Law firm established in 2015 by Cedwynn Toweel and Hendrik de Korte. This was a result of an amalgamation of de Korte Lawyers and Australian Migration and Visa Agents (AMVA) both of which firms were established in 2006.


As a result of our migration focus, we also assist clients with regards to commercial and business law matters. This typically includes the purchase and sale of business, purchase and sale of property, business law such as shareholders agreements, partnership agreements, buy/sell agreements and independent legal advice.

Family Migration – Parents,
Partners, Children

Employes of Visa Holder

Skills, Points Tested,
State Sponsored and Employe

Business and Investor

Medical Migration

Complex Migration
Matters:AAT, FCC, Character,

Legal Practice Areas

Business Law or Commercial Law is a broad subject heading for matters relating to commerce, small business, industrial relations, leasing and contracts in general.

In business it is imperative to seek early and timely advice from your Financial Planner, your Accountant and your Lawyer.

It is very important to seek advice on how to structure your business, ie through an incorporated entity, a trust, partnership or as a sole proprietor.

If you are involved in or are planning to get involved in a franchised business, it would be advisable to seek early advice with regards to purchasing, the franchising code of conduct and/or your ongoing relationship with your franchisor or franchisee.

In our experience at TdK Law, your most significant challenges will come from business partners, commercial leases and employees.  These matters require early advice and the earlier you seek legal advice, the more likely you are to prevent sometimes catastrophic disasters down the track.  At TdK Law we, as a result of our migration practice, often deal with small to medium enterprise and we invite enquiries and our initial assessment is free of charge.

Litigation is very stressful.  Often anger and frustration lead to threats or commencement of litigation and on the other hand, being on the receiving end of litigation can cause anxiety, sleepless nights or even financial ruin.

You cannot afford anything other than straight and honest advice.

At TdK Law we do not take litigation lightly.  We work with trusted Counsel (Barristers) to seek cost effective solutions or alternatives to litigation.  If you are thinking of commencing litigation or you are being threatened with litigation, we invite you to contact us for an initial free assessment of your situation.

Family Law refers mostly to the breakdown of relationships and what follows after in order to arrange matters dealing with children and property.

Family Law arrangements that can be made through provisions of the Family Law Act before, during or after a relationship to arrange financial matters – these are called binding financial agreements (“prenups”).

A family breakup is almost without exception an extremely emotional occurrence.  Parties who manage to focus on the best interest of their children and who are able to communicate in a sensible and responsible way, are often able to avoid litigation and excessive legal costs to finalise their children’s care arrangements and their property settlement.  At TdK Law we invite enquiries on a free of charge initial assessment basis.

Estate Planning refers to the measures that you can and should take while alive or in good health to provide for your death or disability.

At TdK Law we hold in excess of 350 wills in safe custody.  Drafting a will gives you the opportunity to determine what happens with your estate in the event of your death.

An Enduring Power of Attorney (EPOA) is a document that gives someone else (like your wife or husband) authority to act on your behalf in financial and health matters, in the event of your incapacity to act while you are still alive.

There are certain form requirements for drafting wills and EPOA’s and we look forward to assisting you with wills and EPOAs.

We also assist with administration of deceased estates such as obtaining probate or letters of administration.

At TdK Law we act for a number of private lenders.

If you are going to lend either on a commercial basis or privately, for instance, to children for a deposit on a first property, it is important that your agreements and securities are properly drafted.

We also provide independent legal advice to borrowers and guarantors.  The banks require some borrowers and guarantors to obtain independent legal advice, before a loan is advanced.

  • Visa Assessments/Applications
  • Administrative Appeals Tribunal
  • Character Submission
  • Health Submission/Waivers
  • Ministerial Intervention Requests
  • Cancellation And Requests to Set aride

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