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Business Law or Commercial Law is a broad subject heading for matters relating to commerce, small business, industrial relations, leasing and contracts in general.

In business it is imperative to seek early and timely advice from your Financial Planner, your Accountant and your Lawyer.

It is very important to seek advice on how to structure your business, ie through an incorporated entity, a trust, partnership or as a sole proprietor.

If you are involved in or are planning to get involved in a franchised business, it would be advisable to seek early advice with regards to purchasing, the franchising code of conduct and/or your ongoing relationship with your franchisor or franchisee.

In our experience at TdK Law, your most significant challenges will come from business partners, commercial leases and employees.  These matters require early advice and the earlier you seek legal advice, the more likely you are to prevent sometimes catastrophic disasters down the track.  At TdK Law we, as a result of our migration practice, often deal with small to medium enterprise and we invite enquiries and our initial assessment is free of charge.